sábado, 8 de janeiro de 2011

Bom Ano de 2011

Entre muitas coisas a Origami deseja a todos os amigos e clientes Felicidade, Sorte, Prosperidade, e muitos muitos Amigos por perto para este ano de 2011!!!!.....

E nada melhor que uns bons amuletos para vos acompanhar no decorrer dos próximos meses!!!...

A Kimmidoll nunca nos deixa ficar mal!!!....

My spirit is curious and adventurous.
By trying new things and challenging yourself, you release my spirit. Discover the power of my spirit to open up new possibilities and greater opportunities. 
My spirit brings fulfillment and pleasure.
You release my spirit by discovering purpose and pleasure in all that you do. Nurture my spirit and you will find meaning and contentment whatever your life brings.
My spirit is positive and rewarding.
You release my spirit by building strong, positive relationships. Share your talents, co-operate and collaborate, to create positive and rewarding outcomes for all.
'True Friend'
My spirit is loyal and honest.
You show my spirit through your loyalty and honesty. By being a truthful and faithful ally, through all the joys and challenges of life, you embody the true meaning of friend.

'Good Luck'
My spirit brings opportunity and prosperity.
You release my spirit by taking the chances life offers. Discover the blessings and opportunities in every circumstance, and you will find the key to prosperity.
My spirit comforts and nurtures. 
Embrace my spirit to create strong and caring bonds that sustain, uplift and inspire. Be your own best friend, and share with others the joy of the precious gift of friendship.
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